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Friday, September 12, 2008

Interactive real-time map of Hurricane Ike

Here is a real-time map of where Hurricane Ike is headed. The Texas coast residents are in our thoughts and prayers, and will need our help in recovering from damage.

Powered by hurricane-tracking software from Stormpulse.com
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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

September 11 - 7 years later

September 11th. It was all so surreal. It happened so fast.
Twin Towers pre 9/11
I remember my wife and I were staying in a small campground in Redding, California in our fifth wheel.

It was a morning like any other morning during that time when we had time to travel more than we do now. I was busy writing the final chapters for my book on web hosting. I got a call from my Mom telling me about a plane that hit a building in New York. I turned the television on and watched with disbelief as the second plane hit the second tower.

As we commemmorate that day, the lives that were lost, the heroes, let us not ever forget the hatred of the terrorists that did this and why they hate us for the freedoms we enjoy and what we stand for.

We must never forget the lessons we learned that day, and to always cherish our great Republic, and our freedoms that our veterans and troops have sacrificed so that we can enjoy.

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