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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Indiana Jones rides again

I admit it. I'm an adventure junkie. Just saw the preview for the new Indiana Jones movie coming out May 22nd (see preview).
Can't wait to see it. In June of 1981, I watched the first movie in the theatres a half dozen times. Read the book. Had a movie poster in my room.
Didn't everyone?? The other movies didn't do it for me like the original.

This one has the feel of the original, and follows up from the first one. This one takes place in 1957, as Indie tries to prevent Soviet agents from getting the mystical Crystal Skull in South America. Anyway, can't believe Harrison Ford is 66. Is good to see the series continue. The premiere is May 22nd.
If Hollywood is ever looking for a new Indiana Jones, give me a call.
But no snakes, I hate snakes...

Posted by Carl Burnham at 5:40 PM
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