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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The Blue Angels - San Francisco Fleetweek

The Blue Angels cruise through the Golden Gate bridge to wow the Bay crowds
For the airshow event fans, nothing beats the San Francisco Fleetweek held every year around the first week in October. In case you have a chance to see it if in the Bay area next year, mark your calendars now. Bernard Zee took some amazing close-up photographs during the week for the event, which includes a parade of ships, ship tours, air show acrobatics, and of course, the Blue Angels.
Be sure to read his interesting writeup exclusively for Southpoint of Fleetweek.

Close-up of a Blue Angel making a sneak pass through the San Francisco Bay at only 20 feet above the water
As noted by Bernard, "My favorite part of the Blues show is the high speed sneak past. This is where the lead solo pilot pops over the Golden Gate Bridge, gets really low to the deck, and jets past show center at a little under the speed of sound (700mph). Most everybody is looking the wrong way, at the formation of 4 doing a leisurely roll in the distance. There IS a reason it is called the sneak pass. If you see the formation of four start to do something nice far away, start frantically looking the other way!"

Read Bernard Zee's firsthand review of San Francisco's Fleetweek. Also, view some of his amazing close-up DSLR photos he took during Fleetweek.

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