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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Meanderings of a Texas to Colorado Trip Part II

We groggily got up, prepared for another day of driving. After a mile or two, the scenery changes again to sagebrush with buttes and mesas in the distance. The animals are all curled up snoring in the back, oblivious to it all. See the occasional windmill whirring in the wind, still providing water to livestock. Our orange “Service Engine Soon” light displays as a constant reminder that the automakers have too many gadgets. Had it checked out at an Auto Zone before our trip, and it was a turbo sensor gone out. No biggie. I could have used another infusion of coffee to clear the cobwebs.

Dumas was a good sized town, complete with Walmart, pioneer museum, and the usual shops. I joked with my wife about the name. On the outskirts is a huge cattle holding area, so be prepared to hold your breath. Diesel prices hover at around $3 and higher as we get closer to Colorado, about 20-30 percent higher than gas, which is the opposite of what it was a few years ago. Sounds like some price gouging to me. The land flattens out again like the Mississippi Delta, with corn fields with whiffs of fertilizer.

Stratford was the last major town before Oklahoma (they are proud of that and the fact that they are the pheasant capital). From there well into Oklahoma it was a bumpy road. Boise City had a rustic downtown, with chamber in an old caboose across from the courthouse in the square. As we neared Denver, we could see the scenic mountains paint the background as the clouds caught the light of the late afternoon sun. We made our way to Cherry Creek State Park, an unusual park in that it’s in Denver but hidden away.

The park has great views of the mountains. The leaves were falling, with a mix of yellow, brown, and greens. After unhitching, we made our way to my sister-in-law and her new husband’s house. Rhonda’s parents flew in and had been having a good time at the Botanical Gardens and seeing the local sites. They were also joining us on our trek through Rocky Mountain National Park.


Posted by Carl Burnham at 2:52 PM
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