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Friday, October 19, 2007

Meanderings of a Texas to Colorado trip Part I

The morning was unusually crisp and cool, at least for Texas as we got ready to depart. You would think that we were going to Alaska with all the stuff we were taking. Did I mention our mascot, Gus and his cat pal, Tiger were tagging along? After finally getting packed, we headed out around 10. Have mp3s of George Strait crooning out tunes. Tiger was in panic mode with tongue wagging and wild eyes, clawing at his cage door. He settled down after awhile and resigned himself to his fate underneath his bed. Gus was in blissful heaven. Not much bothers him on trips we take him on, except where thunder’s involved.

Some of the sites we see - Mules for sale.. Old barns that are long past needing paint.. Grassy Texas pasture land.. Exotic animal and bird auction..

The gentle slope of the hill country on 183 and October are a perfect combination. See the occasional metal roofed ranch house.

Lampasas. Neat old Baptist church. An hour and a half into our trip our Lowrance GPS suddenly decided it would work for a change instead of being just an expensive mp3 player.

Texas is a big dang state…

Goldthwait was rustic, with old service stations, antique shops, and courthouse. The towns we go through have inspiring names that don’t quite match their sleepy appearances – Early, Rising Star. If we would have had time we would have stopped in at antique stores, but we were on a schedule.

Thank God for cruise control…

When we got to Abilene to fill up, we still had a ways to go to our campground in Amarillo. After awhile we saw small mesas with large windmills similar to the ones we had seen in Palm Springs, Ca. The arid land soon changed to fields of cotton mixed with oil rigs as we neared Lubbock. The land soon becomes flat as a pancake with an occasional stand of trees or grain mill. Tiger hasn’t said a peep since we got started. Think he’s in shell shock from all the driving. Little does he know…

After we arrived at the RV park and got situated, Tiger had to explore every nook and cranny of the RV before he would settle down. To say that our camper is cramped is an understatement. Except for the highway noise, our RV park was ok. We got there after 8 so we missed the indoor pool and hot tub… Did get to check our email through a $3 a day wireless service.

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