Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Florida Motel goes nude to promote business

Times are tough in the economy, as noted motel owner Paul Hodge of Fawlty Towers Motel in Cocoa Beach, Florida. He has watched his motel business decline over the years as large hotels received the lion's share of the local business. Starting today, the motel is implementing a rather bold strategy by accepting nude guests, and willl become a "naturist resort". According to the Reuters news report, as long as nude guests are inside and not outside they will not be at risk for a criminal charge of indecent exposure. Fawlty Towers on their website noted that they "will promote family oriented nudism, which shall be wholesome and non-sexual. Single males must qualify to visit according to our singles policy."

Wonder what Basil would have thought about such a stunt...

Posted by Carl Burnham at 1:46 PM
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