Friday, July 01, 2011

Exploring Bastrop, Texas

Bastrop is one of those sleepy little towns that has done an excellent job of preserving their heritage (it doesn't hurt to be on the Colorado River and within 30 minutes of Austin either). Over 130 buildings in town have historic markers. Bastrop is one of the oldest towns in Texas. First inhabited by settlers in the 1830s, the town blossomed along the Colorado River.
downtown Bastrop 
Besides the antiques and touristy shops and plenty of things to do outdoors (there is the Colorado River and four parks within a stone's throw), there are lots of great eating places. My first thoughts were BBQ, but the wife wanted lighter fare so we opted for homemade food at Maxine's.
Maxine's Restaurant in Bastrop, Tx.
Had a tasty burger with lots of ice water served from Mason jars (it's hot out there), with homemade coconut cream pie to round out the meal. Photos and memorabilia line the walls of simpler times. An old bicycle hangs over the doorway. By the kitchen are three cast iron skillets sized from small to large. The first one says "1st Warning." The mid-sized one states "Attitude Adjuster." The large one, the size that my Mom uses for making buttermilk biscuits says "Final Results."

More to come tomorrow on our visit to the incredible antique car musuem (like our Facebook page to see photos) just down the road.
Read about our new feature on the 9e Ranch B&B just 10 miles from Bastrop.

On a separate note, we are looking to re-add comments on the blog in the coming months. We had it years ago but had spammers. Looking to utilize a new system to take care of.

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