Thursday, August 26, 2010

Old Soda Fountain in Dallas

Highland Park Pharmacy soda fountain in Dallas
During our recent quick trip to Dallas we made a special trip to Highland Park Pharmacy at 3229 Knox just a few blocks from the Hotel Palomar. I love to see it when a soda fountain is still serving up custom sodas like the old days. This corner pharmacy is a great place to get a tasty lunch and soda and get all nostalgic. Serving sodas like days of old, the doors were opened back in 1912. Glad to see it was busy with the lunch crowd. Now owned by local grocery magnets Sonny and Gretchen Minyard Williams, Mr. Williams has been a steady customer since he was a kid and continues on a great tradition of service. When you visit be sure to read about the history of the place that hangs above the soda fountain. We settled on a fudge sundae for dessert. Yummy, and yes they serve cherry Cokes and the original Dublin Dr. Pepper (with pure cane sugar) as well.
Hotel Palomar - Dallas
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