Monday, December 07, 2009

Remembering December 7, 1941 - 68 Years Ago Today

I talked with Quinton Pyle when visiting the National Museum of the Pacific War in the popular small town of Fredericksburg, Texas.
Quinton Pyle, firsthand witness to Pearl Harbor
An unassuming man, one knows little that Quinton Pyle was eyewitness to a world and life changing event. On that fateful day on December 7th, he saw up close as the USS Arizona exploded as it was hit by Japanese torpedos on that fateful day at Pearl Harbor that led us into WWII. His ship, the USS Bagley, was the first to return fire and down a Japanese plane. He showed me his arm where the wounds from that day can still be seen. I pray that he is still alive for others to hear his story and others like him who are our Greatest Generation.
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