Friday, October 09, 2009

Wild West Trip: Day 1 - Texas is a big place...

Our trek out West had us explore interesting places in Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, and Colorado. I will detail our adventures on a daily basis here in the blog. In time we will also be updating our state sections with new feature segments.

On Day 1 after getting our truck hitched up to our 37 foot Titanium fifth wheel, we headed out around 11:30. Our route took us along 183 as we passed many interesting Texas towns: Lampasas, Lometa, Goldthwaite, Mullin, Early, Rising Star (and don't forget Zephyr!), and Cisco. Lots of signs for ranch land, goats, horses, donkeys, even old wagons for sale. On our journey back (future post), we decided to stop at a few of the more rustic towns.
Highway 283 construction
We took a "shortcut" on Highway 283 on the way which turned into a gravel/dirt road from construction (we still have dirt caked up on our truck and fifth wheel).
Windmills around Sweetwater, Texas
We then ventured onto I-20 and saw huge windmills around the Sweetwater area (a big project of T. Boone Pickens), and made our way to Lubbock by nightfall. Boondocked our fifth wheel at the Flying J and checked our email via their wireless Internet ($4.95 per day) and cranked up our generator for some added power before turning in for the night. Didn't bother with our two slideouts as we were just there for the night. Flying J also has special parking for RVers. If staying, bring along some ear plugs and a sound machine, as we heard planes, trains, trucks, and automobiles...
Our first night stay is at Flying J..
On Day 2, we will make it on into New Mexico.

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