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Monday, November 05, 2012

Election Day America: Vote your conscience

Conscience. We all have it. A basic sense of what is right and wrong. America is at a crossroads. Americans know that the path we are on is not working. The economy is not bouncing back, prices have skyrocketed, and the federal debt is unsustainable ($200+ trillion and counting with all the entitlement programs). Obama and the Democratic leadership has not presented a budget in the past four years, only a sharp ramp up of new entitlement programs that are not fundable today or in the future. None of the promises made by Obama ever came to pass. No transparency. No reaching across the aisle.

In Libya, American officials were murdered, after a terrorist barrage lasting over 7 hours. This was witnessed in real time by Obama and his Administration, with no help offered when it was requested multiple times and could have been provided within an hour's time. As one of many examples of the Obama Administration's indecisiveness, I read today that after 3 years the Fort Hood terrorist has still not been placed on trial yet, and now 148 victims and their families are rightly sueing the government.

How has your experience been the past four years? Are you better off? Is our country better off? I didn't think so.

We can go with a businessman who has leadership experience, or four more years of the same and more big government. Our history is based on individual rights and limited government, and socialism worldwide as a form of government has proven to be a lesson in failure time and again.

Vote for what is best for your family, for America's future. I will vote my conscience.

Posted by Carl Burnham at 7:51 PM
Edited on: Tuesday, November 06, 2012 8:58 AM