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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

New London feature added - Melita House

Added new feature and photos to the new Destination UK Guide. This was where we stayed at when we first arrived in London. The first two nights we stayed up late walking the streets of London till 2 a.m. until the jetlag wore off. For an historical perspective, listen to the link for Trafalgar Square, an old WWII report by Edward R. Murrow. More features to be coming soon. - Carl

Posted by Carl Burnham at 8:19 PM
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Sunday, May 21, 2006

Welcome to my new blog for Southpoint. With the ongoing weblog, I plan to keep everyone updated on our destination features, unique places to visit, and specials for the traveler.
Gatwick Airport We have been working on adding new features from our extended London trip this month, which will comprise our new Destination UK Guide. After going through 1,400 images, we about have photos ready. London was quite a place.
The sights, smells and sounds.
The busy-ness of it all amongst so much history. Amazing that so much has survived from the William the Conqueror period and before. Someone could spend weeks in the museums alone and still not see everything.
Mind the Gap
From all the times we rode on the Underground, we were dreaming of hearing the announcer boom out "Mind the Gap".
The Oxo Tower Restaurant at sunset
The weather was surprisingly sunny. Everyone always hears of the dreariness of it all, the rain, but most of what we saw was the opposite.

- Carl

Posted by Carl Burnham at 8:21 AM
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