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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Terrorism and Travel

As all are mostly aware of by now with the terrorist plot in London to blow up 10 planes over the Atlantic, it underlies the essentials of the terrorist threat. Our freedoms, our way of life are precious, and have to be defended at all costs. We are thankful for our intelligence operations, our military, who stand in the way of harm to protect those freedoms. They deserve our highest praise. We need to be supportive of all efforts to improve their operations, to make them more efficient in their jobs. From our experience with airport security, there are loopholes that need to be addressed, which this plot has helped to uncover. There are more measures that need to be taken, especially with background checks and the checking of airport personnel daily.

As was learned from 9/11, we must not let terrorists effect how we conduct our daily lives. To do so would let them further their cause. Sure, there will be more hassles at the airport, but what better way to frustrate terrorism than to be aware and go on with life as usual.

Posted by Carl Burnham at 11:21 AM
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