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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Kayaking on the San Marcos River


We took a short kayaking trip on the San Marcos River, a picturesque central Texas river with an abundance of plant life along the banks. Saw lots of elephant ears, lillies, and native plants, as well as turtles who kept a watchful eye on us as we ventured through a dozen rapids. One is called broken bone rapids, which if you're not careful can capsize you. Except for our group, there was no one else kayaking until we got to our landing site a couple of miles down river. A relaxing way to spend a scorching hot day.

Read a history of the river.

Coming next week: we return to Schlitterbahn Water Park, which has expanded their New Braunfels operations, and also has new parks at Galveston and Padre Island. Read an archive of a trip we made several years ago to Schlitterbahn.

Posted by Carl Burnham at 10:08 PM
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