Our soldiers in Iraq - Eric Feferberg, AFP
Let our service men and women (and their families) and our veterans know how much we appreciate them for serving our country. Be sure to show them your support in any way possible. Pray for their safety and return home soon.

They, and the veterans that went before them, are the reason we can enjoy the freedoms we take for granted so often.

Also, read memories my father has of WWII (at left), where he served on the island of Sardinia and in Italy.

I am collecting memoirs of WWII veterans that served for a planned book. If you are a veteran, or family member wanting to contribute, email us at: myforums -at- southpoint.com, and I will get in contact with you.

Here is a prayer written by Joe Kelly (lifelong neighbor and friend of my Dad), while a POW at
Stalag 7A in Germany during World War II:

A Soldier's Prayer

O Christ, My King on bended knee.
My Leader I salute!
Help me to serve thee faithfully;
Sins error to refute.

I beg to grace to do my part.
Throughout this mortal war.
For courage and a soldier's heart.
Though cannons blast and roar.

Protect me when Death's flags are high.
But if it be Thy Will,
That I should die, then let me die..
Thy Friend, Thy soldier still.

Joe Kelly