The "Dust Bowl" -

"Not long after the war was over, we were moved to Foggia (or Folge), in the south. We called it the "Dust Bowl." Some days, it would be so bad, the planes would be grounded. Our cups would collect a cup full of dust from one meal to the other, if it wasn't turned upside down. Did some welding there, with big sheet iron."

"I was sitting out welding one day, and a Staff Sergeant came by and asked when I learned to weld like that. He asked "How come you ain't got more stripes than you got? Ought to have more stripes, anybody welds as much as you." I told him "a rolling stone doesn't gather much moss." I didn't stay in an outfit more than six months before I got transferred. He said, "you ought to at least be sergeant." He said, "I'm going to recommend you." Wasn't long after that I got shipped out to come home."

Dad is in photo at left.