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Planning a Texas vacation getaway?

Feature Accommodations -
Miss Molly's Bed & Breakfast Hotel, Fort Worth, Texas

View of the Cattlemen's Room, with antique settings and maybe a ghost Carl Burnham

Located in the heart of the Stockyards Historical District, Miss Molly's Bed and Breakfast Hotel offers a relaxing stay that is right next to shops, museums, restaurants, bars, and attractions. The hotel actually began as a boarding house in 1910 called The Palace Rooms, and then a bordello during the 1940s.

Shown here are the Cowboy Room, Miss Amelia's Room, the Railroad Room, and the Rodeo Room
Each room provides a glimpse of local history, with themes representing the former life of the hotel, plus the gunslinger, the railroader, the rodeo, the cowboy, and the cattlemen that led the cattle drives to the Chisolm Trail from the stockyards that made Fort Worth famous.

Included on the walls are lots of photographs and memorabilia, especially of current and former rodeo stars.

View of Miss Amelia's RoomThere are seven themed rooms available, including Miss Josie's, Miss Amelia's, Cattlemen's, Rodeo, Gunslinger, Cowboy's, and Railroader.
Each include antique furnishings, with vintage iron or oak beds, lace curtains with wood shutters, and old West memorabilia and decoration. Miss Josie's room includes an opulent interior and private bathroom, and is named after the madam who ran a brothel during the 1940s. Miss Amelia's is named after one of the first owners when it was a boarding house. The hotel has changed little since being built, with the addition of modern day essentials such as electricity and air conditioning, and one original room now an extra bathroom. There are no telephones or televisions in the rooms, which a true vacation or getaway has no need for.

Our room, the Cattlemen's, came with mounted longhorns above the carved oak bed, with a unique longhorn hide wall decoration, leather chairs, and custom-made table. An old cast iron coal heater served as a night stand. The Cattlemen and Cowboy's Rooms are reported to have had sightings of ghostly women appearing in the rooms. Alas, we saw none (we left the light on the first night just in case...). Floating "orbs" have also been photographed at the hotel, which some say are evidence of ghosts.

Each themed room opens to a main parlor area which includes period furniture and seating, with an overhead stained glass skylight, which can accomodate small gatherings and parties. Three bathrooms are available for guests down the hall from their rooms, with two featuring claw foot iron tubs and a third a shower, with pull-chain toilets. Bathrobes are provided during your stay. The rooms are non-smoking, with a balcony available next to the kitchen for smokers to use.

Front entrance to Miss Molly's, with John Wayne overlooking his star on the sidewalkJust down the street is the largest honky tonk in the world, Billy Bobs (see our feature coming soon) and the White Elephant Saloon where scenes from Walker Texas Ranger were filmed.

Twice daily, you can see Texas longhorns as they are steered towards the original stockyards, along Exchange Avenue right in front of the hotel.

Miss Molly's Bed & Breakfast Hotel is located at 109 1/2 W. Exchange Avenue on the second floor above the Star Cafe (historic in it's own right as the area's oldest restaurant) in the Stockyard Historic District. Be sure to look for the Star Cafe sign on the building, for the entrance to Miss Molly's.

We would like to thank the owner, Dawn Street for helping with our feature.

Miss Molly's Bed & Breakfast Hotel Book a Room at Miss Molly's B&B now
109 W. Exchange Ave.
Fort Worth, Texas 76106

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