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Feature Accommodations -
George Blucher House Bed & Breakfast
Corpus Christi, Texas

by Carl Burnham
Nestled on a bluff, the George Blucher House Bed and Breakfast exudes a classic grace and elegance of yesteryear. As you enter the gate entrance surrounded by antique roses, the towering magnolia, pecan, and oak trees sway gently in the breeze, alive with the sounds of birds. You can imagine the clear view to the Bay that the Blucher family had from the front porches of their two-story Queen Anne house prior to the expansion of the downtown area.

The Innkeeper, Tracey Love Smith, has done an exceptional job of renovating the historic 5,000 square foot house (one of the oldest in Corpus Christi) to its' former glory in every detail, with original hard pine flooring and glass windows, and adorned throughout with vintage antiques. The front door even has an old style doorbell that rings when turned. Her talents are equally impressive in the kitchen as we would find.

Each room has a different color scheme, and is adorned with country and French antique wood furniture pieces. The upstairs rooms have private porch areas for relaxing in a hammock or Adirondack chairs for views of the Inn courtyard or Blucher Park across the street.

Our downstairs room, the Jasper Room, has a stately purple interior, with a side window that provided us views of the bird bath and koi pond and the courtyard.

Each room comes equipped with cable television, modem phone lines, climate control, and a private bath. Our room had a stained glass window and upper windows for plenty of natural light in the bathroom. In the evening, you will find your bed turned down, with a Texas praline treat.

You'll want to take a soothing private bath (the Arthur room includes a whirlpool) and then put on a relaxing robe provided to all guests.

Located just across the street is Blucher Park, known for the wide variety of exotic birds which come here during spring (especially during April and early May) each year on their way to South America, along with the thousands of international birdwatchers seeking to catch a glimpse of them. The area has atmospheric conditions which causes the birds to land here, and is a popular stop along the Texas Coastal Birding Trail. Butterflies of many varieties and hummingbirds are also seen in the area.

An impressive gourmet breakfast is served daily, complete with lighted candles, linens, fine china, and silverware, around a large dining table, where guests can become friends. One couple we met was celebrating their fifteenth wedding anniversary. Our breakfast consisted of a baked pineapple, covered with nuts and cinnamon, sausage links, an egg and cheese souffle (fresh eggs are from chickens in the back of the property) , and fresh apple and peach pastries. The next day's breakfast consisted of fresh croissants, stuffed with layers of smoked ham, eggs, and a cream cheese spread. On top of it all were fresh blueberries, strawberries, oranges, all sprinkled with powdered sugar and toasted almonds (photo above). Included also is fresh squeezed orange juice, fresh brewed coffee, or tea.

A complete gourmet feast to enjoy, you can be assured that you won't be seeking where to have lunch afterwards. The menu will vary depending on what gourmet dish that Tracey cooks up, with all made fresh daily in the kitchen, and served on her great-grandmother's china.

Within the downstairs areas, there is library, filled with Easton Press classics and local Texas history, with a vintage piano, writing table, and memorabilia adorning the walls. Adjacent to it is a sitting room, with coal- fired fireplace and several antiques. Several paintings line the walls, with many painted by the Innkeeper's great-grandmother. Just up the stairs, is a small refrigerator for guests, with microwave, coffeemaker (for early risers), equipped with coffee, tea, and ice. Down the hall, there is also a small chapel for quiet reflection and spiritual time.

Be sure to take time to relax in the library area, where you can read up on the local Texas history or the classics.George Blucher, who built the house in 1904 for his family, owned the Lone Star Ice Factory, and purchased the first bicycle and automobile (a 1901 Oldsmobile) in the area. Next door, his brother Charles built his house many years earlier in 1880, which is today being used as a Blucher Museum (check with the Innkeeper for hours) and headquarters for the local Junior League. Next door to it is another Blucher house, which was built by his brother Richard in 1901. George's father, Anton Felix von Blucher, arrived here from Germany in 1849, settling on the bluff, initially in a small rustic homestead, in an area that became known as Blucherville. Some of the furniture that first arrived, including a rose wood piano, wouldn't fit in the house and had to sit under a large shade tree. The pioneer Blucher would be instrumental in the early growth of Corpus Christi, serving as a land surveyor, designer, painter, language translator (he could speak six languages), and would serve in the Mexican and Civil War. During the Civil War, he was a Major of Artillery for the Confederate Army. To discover more about the fascinating history of the Bluchers, get the book, Maria Von Blucher's Corpus Christi: Letters From the South Texas Frontier, 1849-1879 and the limited edition book, The Texas Bluchers, by Blucher Verlag.

The Inn has served as host for many weddings, offering an elegant and romantic setting. The courtyard and Inn is also perfect for luncheons, small parties, and meetings.

The grounds are landscaped with many flowers, antique roses, plants, with a koi pond, birdbath, and an area for an evening fire.

Be sure to visit the Innkeeper's antique shop to the right of the courtyard area, with vintage furniture and unique items available for purchase.

The Inn is located at 211 N. Carrizo, close to the Nueces County Courthouse and the Corpus Christi Public Library, and just across from Blucher Park.

Book a Room at the George Blucher House B&B nowWe would like to thank the Innkeeper, Tracey Love Smith for making our stay in Corpus Christi special for our features.
George Blucher House B&B Book a Room at the George Blucher House B&B now
211 N. Carrizo
Corpus Christi, TX 78401
1-361-884-4884 or 1-866-884-4884

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