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Gulf Coast - Mississippi

Old Brick House
The Old Brick House has been restored following damage from Hurricane Katrina. From French maps, a brickyard and slave camp was here as early as 1722. It is reported that many period New Orleans homes were built with the bricks made here. The land surrounding the house was originally owned by Jean Baptiste Carquotte, the first to receive a land grant from the Spanish in 1784, with the area being about 284 acres. He is said to have settled here around 1795.

Ohr-Okeefe Museum of Art

George Ohr, the famed late 1800's potter, once named himself as being "The Greatest Art Potter on Earth". It is said that his clay pot method remains a secret even today. Plans are for a new museum to be built along Highway 90. Hours are from 9am - 6pm, Monday - Saturday, $6 Adults
$5 Seniors (pricing subject to change).
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