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Telluride, Colorado
by Carl Burnham

During the summer months, concerts, workshops, events and festivals are held, including the famed Telluride Film Festival held Labor Day weekend, and don’t forget the Nothing Festival. While we were leaving throngs of Widespread Panic fans were arriving in town for an outdoor concert in Telluride Town Park.

There are lots of area hiking, we chose a short hike to Coronet Falls - photo and 4x4 trails, with waterfalls and scenic views. Not far from Town Park is a short hiking trail that will take you to Bridal Veil Falls and Ingram Falls, which can be seen from town. The hydroelectric plant which first brought power to Telluride and the first in the world is still in use at Bridal Veil Falls in Telluride.

A ghost town tour is a must for a fun afternoon adventure, to gain a full appreciation for the history of the local miners, and the hardships they faced high up in the mountains. Read about our
Dave’s Mtn. Tours. (put below on separate feature page)

Be sure to drink lots of water, and pace yourself. At the higher elevations (Telluride is surrounded by 14,000-foot peaks), there is 40 percent less oxygen, and it may take your body a day to get used to it. The town is also home to the second highest airport in the country.

Telluride - Distance in miles from:
Durango 122
Silverton 66
Mancos 87
Denver 335

In our special segments here on the area, see our features highlighting some of the best accommodations, restaurants, and attractions in Telluride.

Also, read our local special feature sections on Durango, Silverton, Mancos, and Mesa Verde National Park.

We would like to thank the Telluride & Mountain Village Visitor Services for assistance with our features, and our area sponsors. Also be sure to visit

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