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Feature Accommodations - Sundance Bear Lodge Book a Stay at theSundance Bear Lodge B&B now
Mancos, Colorado

The start of another fun day at Sundance Bear, as the sun rises up over the Carl Burnham

Situated on over 80 secluded acres near Mancos, Sundance Bear Lodge provides lots of scenic delights for your vacation or weekend getaway, with panoramic views of mesas, towering peaks and side canyons in the area.

A variety of accommodations are available to choose from at Sundance Bear, including a rustic two-story full round log cabin, bed & breakfast rooms in the lodge, a large guest house, and even a Native American tipi for the kids!

The lodge. As we arrived, Chester, a shepherd mix, came out to greet us (and play ball), as the sun was setting on the horizon, and a flock of wild turkeys could be seen trotting in the distance. Shown here is entrance to the lodge, which is wheelchair accessible.

View of the front porch.The two-story full round log cabin where we stayed is quite charming. We fell in love with the exposed round logs and unique interior features. As you relax on the front or back porch, there are unparalleled views of surrounding mesas, peaks and canyons.

Interior of the two story log cabin.

The main bedroom within the two story log cabin.The interior is adorned with a Southwestern decor, that complement the full round logs. There is room to sleep four, with a king size bed downstairs, and two twin beds up in the loft (perfect for kids). The middle of the cabin has a full kitchen. The bathroom is one of a kind, with large river rocks lining the walls. The stairs to the loft are steep, and may be too difficult to climb for some. From the loft, you can get a better view of the stain glass window, and there is also an exit that walks out to the upper porch.
One of the bed & breakfast bedroom
Within the lodge, there are several bed & breakfast rooms which includes two king, two queen, plus twin beds, and private bath. There is also a sauna conveniently located within the lodge, with hot tub out on the porch.

Guest house bedroom.
The new guest house includes three bedrooms, with two queen, and a twin bed, plus a full kitchen. Located down the hill from the lodge, the house provides a more secluded setting for your vacation.

The Scotts The congenial owners, Bob and Sue Scott, have tastefully appointed the lodge, guest house and cabin with Native American artifacts and a Southwestern theme.

The lodging and grounds provide the perfect setting for a family getaway, couple vacation, honeymoon, family reunion or for a small group. A tranquil pond is situated in between the lodge and cabin, with lots of surrounding acres to hike and explore.

A feast awaits.. A hearty breakfast greets you in the morning in the lodge, consisting of muffins, bacon, eggs, sticky buns, yogurt, scones, fresh fruit, juice and coffee. The breakfast table has several interesting Native American artifacts , including arrowheads and pottery pieces, displayed underneath glass that were found here. In the evening, enjoy a glass of wine as you watch the sunset.

Sundance Bear is also quite pet friendly, with Chester, lodge cats, and horses (with corrals available to bring yours). Play ball with Chester, and he'll be your friend forever. The neighbor's dogs are mighty friendly too. Your dog is welcome, with prior arrangements made with the Scotts.

Peering down into Cowboy Hotel.Within the lodge, there is a large library of Louis L'Amour books. The master storyteller of the old West, L'Amour lived just a few miles down the road. In fact, in one of his books, Passin' Through, he highlighted the Cowboy Hotel, an open cave in a side canyon, which is just below the cabin at Sundance Bear Lodge. From the book, "He was a drifter, reckless and hard, a man without fear and without a name. Some just called him Passin' ---Mister Passin' if they were smart."

For your schedule, you'll want to especially spend time exploring and discovering the mysteries of the Ancestral Puebloan (also known as the Anasazi) cliff dwellers who inhabited the Four Corners area until about 700 years ago, with Mesa Verde National Park just 10 miles away (We will have a special feature segment being added soon). For dining out, Mancos is just 4 miles north on Hwy 184.

Within this relaxing setting, you'll want to play another game of ball with Chester, and extend your stay as you savor the sights and tranquility of Sundance Bear Lodge.

We would like to thank the Scotts for having us at Sundance Bear.
Sundance Bear Lodge Book a Stay at theSundance Bear Lodge B&B now
38890 Hwy 184
Mancos, CO 81328
1-866-529-2480, or visit them here.

In our special segments here on the area, also see our feature on Mesa Verde National Park.

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