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View from Ruth Glacier after landing
Talkeetna Air Taxi - Talkeetna, Alaska

A View Above the Clouds

We took a majestic flightseeing tour of Mount McKinley, landing on a glacier, with Talkeetna Air Taxi, of Talkeetna, Alaska. This scenic 1-1/2 hour flight tour overlooks the Susitna Range, with views of Mount McKinley from the south.

We angled through the Great Gorge of the Ruth Glacier and the natural wonders of the Don Sheldon amphitheater, named after the founder of Talkeetna Air Taxi. We could see exciting views through every window of snow-covered rocky peaks.

Guided by our experienced pilot and guide, Ross Brown, he kept us informed as our senses were filled with wonder. Here is a guide review by our youngest guest staff member on the flight, Patrick Burnham.

A Flight of Wonder, A Kid's View
by Patrick Burnham

Patrick, alongside our plane, the Cessna 195 Skywagon, after glacier landing Ever since I've been in Alaska, I've been searching the sky for Mount McKinley. But, I found out that there's almost always a few clouds in the sky to block your view of the mountain from the ground. So when my uncle told me we were taking a flight around McKinley, I was excited (but a little uneasy about flying in a small plane for the first time).

Views from our plane window
As soon as the pilot taxied toward the runway, my worries were taken away. In the plane, we had a very beautiful view of Mount McKinley and all the surrounding mountains. As only about four percent of Alaska is available via road access today, travel by plane is the most common mode of travel.

Time for an August snowball fight
After circling McKinley, we landed on the Ruth Glacier, which was a little bumby. The glacier had alot of snow packed on top of it, so my aunt and I took advantage of the opportunity and had a snowball fight. From the glacier, you get a fantastic view of the jagged peaks of the surrounding mountains in the background. After climbing back in the six seater plane, we took off from the glacier, and headed back to the Talkeetna airport.

We had several great photo opportunities of the marsh-like ground below us, as we came nearer to Talkeetna. You can often see moose from the plane over this area.

When we got close to Talkeetna, we had a clear aerial view of the little town below (feature to be added soon). After landing, we went to explore the rustic town, and to look at the old miners' cabins along the main street.

Talkeetna Air Taxi conducts a variety of flight tours, for sightseeing, glacier landing, photography, and to drop-off climbers headed to base camp to attempt a climb of Mt. McKinley. Given the favorable weather conditions, the climbing success rate has been about 58 percent.

Different flightseeing tours are available, including:
Mt. McKinley's Summit
Mt. McKinley's South Face
Mt. McKinley's Base Camp
Grand Denali
Glacier Landing (as an Add-On) Prices range from $105 to $195 per person, depending on flight, and are subject to change.

Reservations are necessary to schedule a flight.
Talkeetna Air Taxi Flight Tours - Alaska
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