Take Your RV to Europe
The LOW COST Route to Long-Term Touring
by Adelle and Ron Milavsky
Published by:
The Intrepid Traveler
312 pages
Retail Price: $19.95

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RVers and international travelers will find this book an engaging resource that reads like an adventure. After studying their pricing options, the authors decided to ship their RV overseas with them to travel throughout Europe instead of renting one. The savings from doing this were substantial, as well as having all the comforts of home within their RV, not to mention the freedom and flexibility to travel when and where they wanted (a factor that all fulltime RVers know and love).

For anyone considering, this is THE essential reference book to have. For those new to RVing, the book covers all aspects of traveling via RV, and is packed with inside tips for RV veterans as well on campgrounds, countries, places to see, currency, budgeting, shopping, eating, insurance, fueling, the mail, telephone, Internet websites, inside tips about countries, everything there is to know. The author's travelogues are included from their trips in the appendices section that tells of destinations and campgrounds stayed at.

The contents are arranged as follows:

1. New Uses for Your Old RV
2. Strangers RVing in a Strange Land
3. Figuring Out the Cost
4. Preparing the RV for Europe
5. Getting Ready for the Trip
6. The Shipping Process
7. On the Road
8. The Campground Scene
9. Staying in Touch
10. Shopping & eating Your Way through Europe
11. European Horizons Unlimited
12. To Be Continued...
A. Letters from the Road: The Continent
B. Letters from the Road: The United Kingdom
C. Good Things to Know About...
D. Ports and Nearby Campgrounds
E. Suppliers
F. Useful Internet Sites
G. Dealers Who rent & Sell RVs in Europe Glossary Bibliography

The authors were initially surprised when they discovered that language was not a barrier in their travels. Most of the campgrounds, markets, and tourist attractions understood and spoke English. As Europeans vacation more than Americans, there are many campgrounds to choose from, with easy access via the highway systems. After completing their first extended six month trip in Europe, they kept their RV in storage in Europe, then continued the next year in England.

My wife has been wanting to go to Europe, and as RV fans as well, this book provides all the tips and resources needed to plan the perfect extended trip.
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