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  Sound Recording Advice   Napa Valley -- A View from Above
Sound Recording Advice provides a common sense approach to explaining all the technology available to make your own home music or sound recordings. Volanski bases the book on his experience with running a home sound studio for over 20 years. The book is written in an easygoing style, with good explanations, that covers a comprehensive overview of what is necessary to have a studio depending on your needs, including room layout, power requirements, and equipment now available for even the smallest budgets. He also describes the different file formats that music can be saved to on a computer, and the technology alternatives that are now available for mixing and mastering sound recordings. He also even recommends locations where the best deals can be found, what to look for, which also includes for pre-owned equipment. He also clears up the confusion with making your own recordings using a computer and external devices such as digital/tape recorders, mixers, equalizers, etc. For someone that is already familiar with the technology, he provides tips on such areas as insurance, how to burn CDs, grounding, ways to reduce audible noise, the differences between various types of microphones, adding equipment, troubleshooting, and online sources for detailed information.

Besides specializing in home sound recording for over 20 years, John Volanski has a background in electrical engineering, that has involved him in many electrical and audio projects, including virtual reality. He has also written articles for Avionics, AfterTouch, and Electronic Musician. The author's web site is available at

Book Reviewer: Carl Burnham

Published by: Pacific Beach Publishing
336 pages
Retail Price: $19.95

In a unique, front-row perspective, Napa Valley includes breathtaking images taken by the international photographer, Charles Feil in his own homemade gyroplane, as it glided over this picturesque and fertile valley. A history of twenty-eight of the area's wineries covers each of their unique stories. The landscape unfolds before your eyes as you read of the rich wine heritage of the region. A perfect coffee table book and reference for the Napa Valley area.
Feil is also author of six other books.

Published by: VFA Publishing
Retail Price: $

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